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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sound. Magdalen Graal

During the last two years thanks to Myspace, Magdalen Graal has reached a huge popularity, collecting fans all over the world. Everything started in September 2008, when she started this production, recorded her self-named album and built her page on Myspace. Within few months she already gained the trust of thousands fans. Then came the propose, by the American Enigma Films, to collaborate to the soundtrack of their last film, “Alarum”. The Alarum production has chosen two songs from Magdalen’s album, ”You will arrive” & “Goodbye”, apart from the first single “There’s no end” and the video of the song. Things went on perfectly, and with the film “Alarum”, Magdalen gained the FMPTA (Florida Motion Picture and Television Association) “Crystal Reel Award” as “Best female vocalist & best video”! Things can’t go better!


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