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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Design. Elena Savitskaya

Elena Savitskaya - (London, United Kingdom)

I am a Graphic and Web Designer, based in London. All of my life i had a passion about design, psychology and marketing. I come from a Marketing Management background and when it comes to Graphic Design i have my own definitions of goals that designers need to achieve. In my opinion, it’s not all about “pretty graphics”. When pictures got printed on product packaging for the first time, the idea behind it was very simple: boost sales. And that’s the goal in a clever approach to Graphic Design. Pure “eye candy” won’t work anymore. It has to have a marketing strategy behind it, be memorable, be well-researched. I think that combining these principles with the “eye candy” achieves the right result for my clients and me.

In this portfolio/blog i will try to tell some stories about my projects, as well as showcase my work. I also hope to write quite a few articles about my views on the industry and different routes designers take when it comes to working on a project.

Overall, I’ve been a Graphic Designer for 5 years now. I also had a divine experience of working in Online Marketing Agency and wining them their first award for Web Design and User Experience.

I tend to approach my clients professionally, but with a human touch.

When it comes to creative thinking and marketing strategies you just can’t be put into a box. A lot of us, designers, are guilty of thinking that a client’s brief itself is that box. But i see it as a guideline, as a creative challenge, as a way to re-invent idea behind it.

Oh, almost forgot my main tools of trade – my skills.
Currently I’m using the following software for my projects: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, CorelDRAW, After Effects. I’m capable of handcoding HTML and CSS in a valid and Search Engine Friendly way.

Since i started my job as a Graphic Designer, I’ve learned a lot about user experience, pshychology of sales, pshychology of perception, online and offline marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and advertising strategies.

On this site, I’m not only showcasing my work, i want to share my view on different issues with my existing/prospective clients and fellow designers/marketers. I hope you guys are going to enjoy it.

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