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Friday, March 5, 2010

Fashion. MEM couture

The collections of clothing and apparel MEM couture are designed by two designers - ERIC MAJ POTOCNIK & MATJAZ PLOSINJAK.

It all began a few years ago caused by the passion of creating together, but we started our professional way in 2004 when the first collection was presented in Ljubljana. The debut brought about an instant breakout into the niche of Slovenian fashion. So far the label has mostly been presented in Italy, Spain, BiH, Croatia & Slovenia.

MEM couture always tries to create both - prêt-à-porter and haute couture pieces as well. What we find as very important are stories caught in garments, shoes and other accessories. A strong concept is always the base. Almost needless to say that we love to play with (re-creating) human proportions, symbiosis of contrast textiles and patterns. Sometimes surrealistic. Sometimes near to classic as well. Spiced with a touch of Paris. Chic.

One of the greatest MEM couture projects until now was "Hommage à Marlene", dedicated to the legendary Marlene Dietrich. The collection was first presented at the fashion week of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after that an artistic presentation was performed at the "Museum fashion day" organized by the International contemporary art museum Casoria-Napoli in Italian Naples. In Ljubljana the supplemented collection was presented for the third and the last time in autumn 2007.


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