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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Digital Art. Jordy Roelofs.

"My name Jordy Roelofs, I'm 20 years old or young hehe, I live in Dordrecht, wich is a city near Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

I've been doing graphics for about 8 years now.

It all started when I was watching the popular anime "Dragonball Z", wich back then recently aired on TV.
I was hooked by it and I desperately wanted more info about the anime and I started browsing the webs.
I loved all those "DBZ" websites and I wanted one of my own.
So I started to learn how to make a website and from there one I got into graphics bit by bit, because graphics are almost always needed for a good website!

The "DBZ" hype for me ended some time later but the graphics hype did not!
I started doing lots of experimental stuff in Photoshop because I really enjoyed doing it.
8 years later, and I still very much enjoy it!
I've pretty much learned everything from myself because I did not follow an education in Graphics or anything in that "neighbourhood".
I got rejected a few years back at the "Grafisch Lyceum" school because of my diploma.
I thought they had more eye for talent rather then just words on paper but I guess it doesnt work that way.

I am currently unemployed and looking/open for work, so feel free to contact me!

E: electronic(at)
C: +31 645606631
Msn: jordy(at)


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