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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sound. FAUNA - "Have u ever talked to angels?"

The release of this Fauna album have been anticipated for the last four years for it is the one most complete and reflecting Fauna mood in the best way. Momentary cut of the surrounding world and feeling of eternity are equally inherent to each track of this record. Hymn to the emptiness, to its so varied phenomena is the essence and deep meaning of Have U Ever Talked To Angels?

Inner and outer emptiness, emptiness in relations, emptiness as sensation and as physical state, the never-ending whirlpool capturing the listener from the very first track and keeping intense up to the very end. And even further, after the music stops and it becomes quiet one starts to understand this quietness as nothing but the album continuation: its final chord, the echo which was not heard lately. This music, fancifully weaved of the tiny validity pieces, lets us think deep and reveal inside ourselves that very emptiness which permits to hear everything so well.

This has always been here, flying in the air, being hidden behind the sharp angles of the society cruel by intention, that there is practically nothing to oppose to. Nothing perhaps, except for revelations similar to Have U Ever Talked To Angels? We say revelations because they never shout themselves, never hurt the eye or bother the soul, never appear at once. To find them one needs to possess the courage and boldness of traveler, or, at least, is to be able to feel…

Pity that those courageous for such a journey are fewer and fewer left. Besides, there are fewer of those who can answer the question: Have U Ever Talked To Angels? And we are absolutely certain that there is nobody to ask a question like this.

Vadim Drusinov
Sergey Beliakov
Sergey Alekseev

Additional musicians:
Natalia Careva - voices on tracks Slowly, Dreamless, Wasteland, Tomorrow, Hollow Morning
Edgar Hermann - guitar, voice on track Emptiness
Maksim Drusinov - voice on track 14th floor
Janine Alieva - voice on track Dreamless


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