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Friday, March 5, 2010

Design. Patricio Oliver

From the dark recesses of Patricio Oliver's mind come the bizarre children known as the Cucos.

Led by the elusive and sinister Cursed Twins, this collection of 3-inch evildoers only exist to cause madness and horror wherever they go.

This blind-boxed series includes 13 figures, 2 of which are chases.

* Blind Assortmen

The Cucos are troublemakers. The Cucos Victorian House is near a village where other strange and unique creatures live, but due to their questionable and extremely insane behavior, these children were sent to the Cucos House as a last resort to rehabilitate their evil ways. The Cursed Twins run the place, and instead of helping the Cucos find the correct path, they manipulate them into doing even more terrible things in order to fulfill their sinister secret agenda.


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