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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Architecture. Reinier Jun Ravago

"Interest: architecture + interiors + visualizations + photography + motorsports + culture + language

I lived and worked for 2 years in Japan and was exposed to different architectures that influenced me. I love modern architecture especially the metabolist and concrete architecture movement that is one of the traits that can be seen in my works.

Tadao Ando, Kisho Kurokawa, Atelier Tekuto, Michel Rojkind and Richard Meier are just few of the architects that made my design principles and concepts form a whole new experience.

I am now based in Dubai UAE, working as a Concept Designer".

Reinier Jun Ravago on

Fashion. Velvet Rope

Velvet Rope
Wonderland Feb/Mar 2010
Shot by: Simon Thiselton
Model: Nicola Haffmans


"The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural." -Calvin Klein

Jordan Eliza has achieved the art of a flawless face in all aspects of makeup: fashion, commercial, print, and bridal makeup artistry. Her versatility and creativity has allowed Jordan Eliza to make a meaningful contribution to the beauty industry, providing her clients with a unique and personable experience.

Dependability, consistency and a keen eye for detail are of paramount importance to Jordan Eliza, and she has established her reputation by bringing out the natural beauty in all she works with. Her amiable outlook and intuitive talent will guarantee quality results in any situation. Believing that makeup is a true art form, it is easy to see that Jordan Eliza has a genuine passion for her artistry and is grateful for her opportunity to create


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Illustration. Le Fils Raymond



Illustration. Charis Tsevis

Mosaic illustrations for Apple Inc and Steve Jobs related articles in Fortune magazine (and not only).
Illustration by Charis Tsevis (Tsevis Visual Design)
Photography by Corbis
Apple products courtesy by Apple Inc
iPhone app icons by their respective owners


Fashion. Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love?

Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love?
Lula #10 S/S 10
Shot by: Catherine Servel
Styling by: Sam Bryant
Model: Ali Michael
Thanks to fearless123 for the scans.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Master. Ziga Koritnik

"As with all the greatest masters, when looking at Žiga's photographs you have the distinct impression that they are entirely 'directed', pre-arranged, and absolutely perfect in terms of scenography. Most of the time, however (as in the world of music, where he gained fame through his study and ‘directed’ portraits of musicians) this is simply not the case. What is clear, of course, is that his extensive years of experience in television, and as official photographer for theatre, puppet and, primarily, musical events, culminates in his images of Sardinia, both in the landscapes and portraits.

“All the world's a stage”, Shakespeare said, but only very few can truly feel this, and make it happen in everyday relations with objects, people and images. Žiga is one of these. To him, little matter that his lens captures you or me, or him or her. His relationship with those who pose for him is the same as that he enjoys indifferently with animate and inanimate nature: be it animals, plants, buildings, streets, walls or markets. Žiga simply ‘snaps’ life as it repeatedly yields him new images and moments. And above all this, he has this rare talent to grasp and capture those surplus moments of life as it passes us by, bursting out and compelling our attention. Through his photos, life speaks to us, the life we perceive as concrete, here and now, in Žiga's images remains fleeting, yet rambling, unique and eternal.
Mario Batelic, february 2009".


Painting. Mariya Vergezova


Illustration. Matthew Billington (2)

Hanibal's March to Rome + A Years Recap
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Shot. Sofia Verzbolovskis