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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shot. Soon Tong

"Soon Tong is one of the lead photographers for Calibre Pictures and Ideas, he continues to perfect his craft, experimenting with the surreal, such as capturing sublime images of liquids frozen in a fleeting moment. To him, experimentation leads to art and like a true artist, he is always in search for the next masterpiece.

After 9 years in the industry, Soon Tong still refuses to be pigeonholed into any genre. The perfectionist in him enjoys the freedom of expressing his ideas and point of view without any boundaries. He particularly enjoys shooting people and liquid, capturing beautiful movement on print. His decade long love affair with cars resulted in many vivid shots of moving metal.

One distinct trait that sets Soon Tong apart from other photographers is his natural eye for colour, tone and composition, which is reflected in his diverse range of work: fashion, still life, advertising, architecture and studio photography.

Soon Tong’s work reflects his inimitable ability to get inside a subject and explore the inner workings to deliver an accurate interpretation of mood, environment and emotive balance. His easy-going manner reveals no hint of ego, yet maintains the quiet confidence of someone who knows he can get the job done, and done well". MORE>>>>>

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