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Friday, August 21, 2009


Весьма интересная исполнительница из Норвегии.

Stuilui is the name of the website that distributes popmusic made by Tove Nilsen. The songs are available for free in mp3 format at The plan is to release one track per month. Uploads of new tracks and new mixes of already released tracks will be announced via Myspace to friends. Tove says: How I make music. When I bought my first soundcard, and first launched Reason, I liked the programs simplicity, the virtual cables, made it easy to understand what I did and made me realise how many options I had when it comes to the total manipulation of everything. And now, three years later, I find it easy to make strange grooves. When I program I never think of a song as something made up by tracks, I think of it as a shape. I first start up with a groove, then I use Thor to play along with it, and then make up the vocals as I program. I've always liked the way the British artist Tricky produces his co-singers and how they float within the beat, and I adore good countrysingers. And before I bought the soundcard, I said to myself I had to try and make a mix out of the things I like. I LOVE to hear new things, like the song FAR FAR with M.I.A. and the music from the Norwegian artist Captain Credible. But had I known how difficult it was to make things SOUND good, well, perhaps I had changed my mind before buying the sound equipment. That's why I dont have too many tracks:) I get ancious(nightmare) when I think of a tambourine on track 32, so for me, a song is just a shape to sing in. Tove


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