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Friday, August 7, 2009

Blake Market. Polynesia-town

Blake Market
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"One of the most fascinating things about electronic music is the rate at which things change; genres can emerge and disappear within a matter of months, years can often represent generations of influence. Unlike many artists who can't see the beach for the palm trees, Blake Market cheekily winks at current trends. Rather than blindly leaping aboard a bandwagon with no known nautical destination, he decides it's best to chill out and devote the day to rigging up the yacht in a proper manner.

Polynesia-Town skillfully applies the techniques of dub, and it's progeny dubstep, to an entirely different soundset. Jazz horns are given otherworldly echoes, and unlike much of contemporary electronica the music is driven by it's melodies, not it's basslines... although the lowend does rear its distorted head on cuts like Shawinigan and Acid Control." - DJ Fishead

12 tracks total.

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