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Friday, May 21, 2010

Photo. Alexandra Cameron

"I was introduced to film and photography at an early age as a grew up in a household that was surrounded by creativity. I was always encoraged to express myself and this began with acting. I moved on through almost all artistic mediums and found myself most comfortable in Film and Photography.

After graduating with a degree in Film Studies and Screen Practice i am now concentrating on photography and have started my own business, 'Alexandra Cameron Photography'.

I am currently working and living in East Anglia, England but work all over the UK with the hope of working worldwide soon in my career.

I am working as a freelance photographer and have been involved in many projects, portfolios, clients shoots, events, wedding photography, band photography, fashion and beauty.

A project i recently completed was a shoot with actress Amy Manson who is one of the stars of BBC's Desperate Romantics, the photos you can see in my portfolio.

I have also had my Balloon series become the artwork for the band Sissy Mena's album. The album is currently being completed and i will show the finished artwork soon.

The most recent work i have done was to photograph a lifestyle and product shot promoting Strepsils new packaging. This was for a competition to win a Marc Jacobs bag that will run in Reveal and Now magazine as well as a number of other magazines and websites.

I have also had a few editorials, one of which was in Who's Jack magazine and one in Dujour magazine, i also have more editorials in the pipe line.

I am available for freelance photography work so if you would like to arrange a shoot or find out more information such as prices then please email me at and i will get back to you as soon as possible. I also offers my airbrushing services, if you would like your image/images airbrushed then please contact me for a quote.

Thank you for visiting my website".(Alexandra Cameron)


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