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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Illustration. Beatriz Martin Vidal

"Hello everybody,
I should begin apologizing again because my lack of ability to keep this updated but, well, I’ve understood I’m a disaster and it’ll surely happen again, so, here I go. Anyway, thanks Firexo. You've been the voice of my conscience this time.
First of all, a happy new, I’ve been selected for the annual exhibition of the Society of Illustrators of New York. Specifically the illustration next to me, “Witch”. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to attend the award presentation neither the exhibition, because the ocean standing between New York and my home but, someday I’ll go, I’m sure. The good part is that the work will appear in the Annual next year “Illustrators 51”, so I’m happy anyway.
And for the rest, well, I’m trying to organize the work before I die crushed by it. Suddenly there are a lot of projects waiting and though of course it makes me happy, it’s a little overwhelming. I’ve just come back home from the Bologna’s Fair (again) and a fantastic publisher from Milan wants me to do the illustrations for “Carmilla”, which is more or less the first novel about vampires. Prior even to Dracula. But it’ll have to wait till I finish the next book for Lothian as author, a story about twins. Oh, by the way, they’ve just published a month ago “My Baby Love”, a story about mothers and babies. The author is Meredith Costain. I’ve just done the illustrations and it’s quite brighter than the usual for me. I’ll submit some of the images so you’ll see it. I’ve been working in some other things these months, but I think I’ll tell you as I submit some of the illustrations because this entry is already quite long.
As ever, thank you very much for being here and for the messages. I really love them. I know I should answer to more of them but, as I mentioned before, I’m a disaster. I read them all, though. It never ceases to amaze me when someone feels connected with my work. When, somehow, the images talk to them. Thanks to all the people who have told me. You’re great.


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