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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fashion. Editorial Snaps

"There are usually two ways editorials make their way on to the web. Either a photographer/magazine will contribute original images from a shoot, or a person will kindly scan images directly from the magazine.

But sometimes when both those options fail, a person might decide to take the third route, to at least give us a quick glimpse at what's inside the pages of an issue. And it is in this 3rd option that I'm beginning to see interesting results, that I never paid attention to before.

That third option in a nutshell is when the images on the pages are snapped with a regular camera. And in that is where art might show it's face as the original images become altered, distressed, chopped, and added to, due to factors such as camera and lens used, lighting of the room, and even how the page is flipped and angled. As well as cutting off part of the page, and adding part of the outside world to it.

In other words the original photography, to a degree, no longer matters, but the new result is all based on the new capturing of the photographed/printed images. Again to a degree.

As an example, here are two editorials from the new Citizen K issue, snapped by elsaskywalker on tFS. First 6, then 12".(

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