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Friday, June 11, 2010

Photographer. Kelly Rae Daugherty

"I am writing a manifesto on the responsibilities of artists towards creating art and on the considerations of artists towards their fellow artists. I am angry with the defensiveness and lack of consideration we give to one another in this world, especially being artists. We create to help make a better world, to understand ourselves and the world around us, to be more humane to one another. Art is not a contest, it is not a commodity. At its core, it is the most important element of human nature we can share with one another. It is important for us as artist to encourage intellectual/philosophical growth for all. In order to succeed, galleries must not dictate our portfolios for the sense of making profit, for this degenerates what art is at its core. It is our responsibility to teach sellers of art to have courage to grow with us, so we can work in unison to create with integrity works of art that aim for higher realms of inspiration. Art is a mode of communicating beyond the limits of language, making art of upmost importance in our growth as a society. Art at its finest conceives new ways of thinking, seeing, and living, and through these new conceptions, greater philosophies are born and may be a catalyst towards society rising above current limits of how we perceive ourselves both socially and individually. This leads to the enhancement of our ability for problem solving in all area of our lives for societies betterment, making art crucial for the survival of humans to live in higher realms of consciousness and togetherness. Let us be kind and create together and not alone. Let us lift our world through reclaiming the tool of art's integrity.

Thank you for visiting my work. Sharing my art with you completes the circle of creating. Without you, my images would mean nothing. With you, we create the art of being now.

My best wishes to you in everything".


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