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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sound. Cosmic Spring - Jellyfish Heaven EP

There is something about the small town Groningen, in The Netherlands. After releasing Molgam and Transjuicer, 23 Seconds now proudly presents: Cosmic Spring.
Cosmic Spring brings electronic music with a real 'live' touch. Vibrant long threads of psychedelic notes, warm harmonies and cool flotations, hypnotic guitar repetitions, weird SFX, full throttle basses and lots of pounding breakbeat drum.

This is a band that loves old analog synths, obscure intruments, space distortions and noise enhancing stuff. And there goal is to take you on a musical journey to discover unknown frequencies in the Universe of Sounds.
Get in, lift-off and space out!

Artist: Cosmic Spring
Title: Jellyfish Heaven EP
Cat: [sec.039]
Genre: Electro / Dance / Shoegaze
Country: The Netherlands
Format: Mp3 160 kbit/s
Release date: 2009-12-09
Size: 54 mb

Band Members:
Electronic Drums: Erik
Bass: Jeroen
Guitar: Heiner
Synths: Juda
Unidentified sound modules: Melle


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