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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brigitte Bijoux - Fleuve Profond EP

When spinning her drum'n'bass and minimal styles, the german-french grande dame shows how she's got the savoir-faire to enchant all of Tokyo. Along with acclaimed artists like Mitsukuni Tashiro and Nihon-Jin Murakami she injects some new life into the veins of land of the rising sun. She gets the party going in the "Liquid Room" or the "Womb", supported by the wild styles of her MC Nobukazo.

As a producer she's been designing atmospheric drum'n'bass scapes in a rather laid-back fashion for years. Doing so, she likes to elaborate and condense her tracks without falling back upon readily anticipated cliches. Style, charisma and a love for music keep directing her fingers over the mixing-desk.

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