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Friday, May 8, 2009

My Top films - 1 (Дьяволы / Les Diables (2002)

Дьяволы / Les Diables (2002)

Director: Christophe Ruggia
Starring: Adele Haenel, Vincent Rottiers, Rochdy Labidi, Jacques Bonnaffé, Aurélia Petit

"Since they were found abandoned in the street as small children, Joseph and Chloé have spent most of their lives in care homes or with foster parents. Joseph is fiercely protective of his autistic sister and intends to take her back to their home and their real parents. On the threshold of adolescence, the two children go on the run once more, heading for Marseilles, but again they are captured. They end up in a home for disturbed children. Here, Chloé appears to respond positively to psychiatric treatment, but things turn bad when the children’s mother suddenly appears, intending to take Joseph away. Unable to face being separated from his sister, Joseph goes on the run once more with Chloé…"

# Director: Christophe Ruggia
# Script: Olivier Lorelle, Christophe Ruggia
# Photo: Eric Guichard
# Music: Fowzi Guerdjou
# Cast: Adele Haenel (Chloé), Vincent Rottiers (Joseph), Rochdy Labidi (Karim), Jacques Bonnaffé (Doran), Aurélia Petit (La mère de Joseph), Galamelah Lagra (Djamel), Dominique Reymond (La directrice), Frédéric Pierrot (L'homme de la maison)
# Country: France

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