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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Electric Shadows / Elektriske skygger (China 2004)

Title: Elektriske skygger /
regi: Xiao Jiang ;
produksjon: John Sham
In series: Mangfold på film
Author: Xiao, Jiang
Year: 2008

Original title: Meng ying tong nian
Pages: 1 videoplate (DVD-video) (93 min) lyd, kol.
Notes: Norske undertekster valgbare
Produksjon: Kina : Beijing Dadi Century, 2004

Genre: Drama
Release Date: December 16, 2005
Running time: 93 minutes
Cast: Xiaotong Guan, Yihong Jiang, Haibin Li, Yu Xia, Yijing Zhang
Director: Jiang Xiao
Producer: John Sham
Writer: Qingsong Cheng, Jiang Ziao

Description: Mao Dabing, an easygoing film buff, works delivering water bottles in Beijing. One day after he accidentally crashes his bike in an alley, he's suddenly brained with a brick by a disturbed young woman, Ling-ling. Arrested by the police, Ling-ling remains silent, but she gives Dabing the key to her apartment, asking him to feed the fish. Her place turns out to be a shrine to the movies, and especially to one star, legendary '30s singer-actress Zhou Xuan. As Dabing reads Ling-ling's private diary, the film flashes back to Ningxia province in the early '70s and the story of Ling-ling's mom, Jiang Xuehua.

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