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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Magazine. Blanq 2010



Jump wishes to create their first brand image involving people with similar philosophies.

With Sung Kang as the spokesperson, BLANQ was selected to create and visualize brand direction and imaging for the campaign lauch. As a brand touching the culture and arts of Asia, BLANQ brings into existence an artwork fusing tradition and modernity, incorporating old Chinese painting style with a current sense of movement, which shows that JUMP is not only stylish, but also active. The slogan expresses that people can “BE DARING...” and JUMP wishes to provide this.

IDENTITY by Jeffrey Wang 王九思

This is a chronicle progression of a woman. A woman who morphs from innocence to struggles, and back to innocence. From a state of purity, when there is no good and bad, to sophistication, which comes with seduction, greed, debauchery amongst all other evils that dominate the world. On the verge of decadence she struggles, for individuality, for virtue, for her own soul. In the end amidst all chaos, she unites with peace of mind, living with a sober fact that she is just one of them, and she can’t hide. That is her IDENTITY, whether she likes it or not.



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