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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Photographer. Ela Zubrowska

Ela Zubrowska
Born in 1982, studied psychology and law at Savoy University, France. Studied photography in AF in Warsaw. Worked as cultural radio correspondent and cultural events organizer. From 2008 back in Cracow. Freelance photographer and graphic designer. Lecturer at Academy of Photography in Krakow.

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aug2010 - Internationas Festival of Photography by the Young - dream within a dream, Jaroslaw, Poland
dec2009 - Danzig Filharmony - mechano - Danzig, Poland
nov2009 - Fotopolis Expo - impressio - Warsaw, Poland
may2009 - Cudowne Lata - impressio - Cracow, Poland
february2008 - Altered Esthetics - part of impressio (group exhibition) - Minneapolis, US


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