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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sound. Various Artists – Octopus 3 (2010)

o celebrate this new year and Fresh Poulp’s 5 years of musical delight, here comes
the third version of our “Octopus” compilations

Artist : Various Artists
Name : Octopus 3
Cat : FPR043
Date of release : 04.01.09
Style : Various….
Artwork : Nko
Mixing & Mastering : Olo (OnDubGround)

Tracklist :
01. Bankari – Heshi 4:28
02. Padawin – No Rap, No Reggae 3:02
03. Pax Kingz – Random City 3:20
04. Chud – Laxative 4:11
05. Elkhor – Vascogeni Senohm 3:21
06. Digidep – Bloody Dream 6:08
07. Modern Dust – Sillage 3:06
08. Le Perche Oreille – Arboretum 5:28
09. OnDubGround – B & H 4:53
10. Da Krew – Sale 5:16
11. Hitmuri – Polychlorobiphényle 3:47
01. Dublicator – Moveless Journey 6:45
02. D-Drône – Xtrem Zencore 4:01
03. Komak – Cendres 3:05
04. Para – Anoisy Dub 5:19
05. Eggbox – Enireves Krow 6:11
06. Life In A Box – Cut, Copy Paste Your Life 5:35
07. Isotroph – Alaska Stereo 5:42
08. Sport & Music – Warm Irony 5:20
09. Kat Gogolevitch – Arabica 6:11
10. Below Bangkok – Distress Call 5:06
11. Template – Five five 3:56

"o celebrate this new year and Fresh Poulp’s 5 years of musical delight, here comes the third version of our “Octopus” compilations : “O3“. As usual we’ve released a double LP, but this time only featuring guest artists, drawing a sketch of what Fresh Poulp will be in a close future! New orientations begin to appear, like minimalist musical objects or deep ambient sounds, even if the label keeps and will keep its well known eclectic trademark !
Let’s have a quick overview of some of the many guest featured here ! Padawin is an electronic duet and label friend that will release its first album on FPR later this year, as well as Bankari, that may present an EP. You all know the international orientation of our label, however this album focuses mainly on french artists, some of them are confirmed, like rap-band Da Krew or dub warriors from OnDubGround, who also provided their science of mixing for the compilation.
But you’ll also find some electronic rising artists like Life in A Box (who just released his first LP on Concrete Curving), D-Drône, Kat Gogolevitch or Para, guilty of a wonderful album last year on AQuietBump !
It would take too long to talk about all these artists, even if they deserve it, but there’s some great human connections we’d like to share! Like meeting Komak and his truck in the french moutain, sharing some strange dutch liquor. Or Elkhor, met in a field a few years ago in french coutryside ! Again a testimony that Fresh Poulp is made of human link !
Happy Poulp Year 2010 & Big Up to Rafa, Olo & Nko for the help !!!"(


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