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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Koen Park- Computers Are Not Our Friends

Ian Hawgood или Koen Park, родился в 1977 году
и занимается эксперементами со звуком...
Computers Are Not Our Friends досткпен для бесплатного скачивания ЗДЕСЬ

Немного необычно, но интересно.
1. My Life In Machinery
2. At The End Of A Century A Quartet Stands Alone
3. Peacefully Maintaining The States Of Least Resistance
4. Purple Loosestrifes
5. Monoatomic 80’s
6. Seiche
7. A Figurative Gestation
8. Computers Are Not Our Friends
9. Somewhere Stars Have Souls
10. Millefiori
11. Pueblo Peoples
12. We Will See Periods Of Grace, Even In The Darkest Lights
13. I Am Not Aboard This Ship Anymore
14. How To Select A Muzzle For Your Pet Person
15. The Gift Of Microfauna
16. Boredom Is A Daytime Thing
17. Escape From Fume Hood

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